Litter Box


Whelped:  April 20, 2017
Sire:  Hurican von den Wolfen, SchH3 OPO3, KKL1 2X BSP, 4X LGA, A Normal H&E, DM Clear
Dam:  Hershey von der Hearts, CGC, HIT, HCT, OFA H&E, DM-Clear
Owner: Nicole Mael  (360)-893-8580
[posted 06.27.2017]


Whelped: February 28, 2017
Sire:  AOE Select CH Lenlors Maxiums CD
Dam: Ch Sunrise on Ravenna Creek
2 Males black and tan 6 Females (3 black and tan and 3 black) 
Owner: Donna Gonzalez/Lorry Belllah  [Breeder of Merit] (425) 432-8322
[posted 05.12.2017]


Whelped: March 26, 2017
Sire: Diablo vom dem Waldkonig DM CLEAR OFA H&E
Dam: DiWaid’s Southern My-Ahh Girl, BN, CD,PCD,RN,RA,CGC,HTC PRELIM H&E
10 blacks and Bi-colors, Males
Owner: Diane Waid (253) 310-1040
[posted 05.02.2017]


Whelped: January 27, 2017
Sire:  V Raul von Godalis, SchH 3, KKL 1 Lbz, “a” normal Hips/elbows and DM Clear
Dam:  Vixen vom Tanhauser OFA Good Hips/elbows, OFA Heart, eyes and DM Clear
3 males – 4 females  Black and Red
Owner: Debra Hughes (360) 748-1966

[posted 02.13.2017]


• Anyone advertising their puppies on this page has agreed to take back their dogs if the owner can’t keep their dog.
• The club recommends that you take the time to check out a few breeders before making any decisions on any puppies.
• The club does not take any responsibility or liability for their actions. We recommend that you check out each one before buying.
• Each breeder is different in how they raise their puppies, YOU make the choice of which one you feel good about.

Members Only (new policy)
This Litter Box is free to club members only for 2 litters a year.
After that it is 10.00 per litter. Each litter stays in for 2 months only.
Club is not recommending these people nor taking any liability for their actions.
We recommend that you check out each one before buying.

Limit of 2 free litters per year, cost of each additional litter is $10.

Please email the following information to webmaster

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